My Passion

Hello everyone, this is my passion! My passion is games, when I’m at home I play on my computer and my DS. I like to play all sorts of genres like adventure, tower defence and many others. Mostly, I like to play with my friends, I always invite my friends to come over and play games! That’s my passion, can you recommend any games for me to play?

About me

Hello everyone, this is my second post.I am here to tell you about me! I am very interested in games such as Pokémon, Minecraft, Card Wars, Crossy Road and Super Smash Bros.4. I also like rock climbing and I’m very good at Hand-Ball, I’ve been to Hard-Rock. My favourite TV show is Teen Titans Go! Also I like cookies, ice cream and McDonalds. My favourite movie is Big Hero 6 and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie HomeI do swimming at Nunawading. I hope you learned lots about me! Do you have anything in-common with me?