Week 9: Expo

This week on Tuesday I had my school expo. Each class had a topic for the expo, we had to choose a topic on energy. I decided that I wanted to research on nuclear energy and then we were paired up in groups, I was paired with my three friends Fergus, Liam K and Byron. Each group had their own question. My group’s question was, what is nuclear energy and how does it work?

We had many weeks to prepare and we had to have an experiment, a model and a presentation. My group’s experiment was a solar powered boat made out of Lego, our model was supposed to make steam come out but it didn’t work. My group worked well, we had everything prepared, a model, an experiment and a presentation and we had many people coming to our exhibit.

At first, I didn’t know much about energy. Overall, I learnt many things about nuclear energy and the other sources of energy. I felt confident about my exhibit and I felt confident about showing my work to parents, teachers and students around the school. It was a great success and I think that many people enjoyed this year’s school expo and that everyone was happy with their work.


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