Term 3: Week 6

This week my my class read two books called Scary Night and The Stone Lion. The Stone Lion was a life lesson. Somewhere in your life you’ll get one opportunity to do one thing and when it happens you should go for it. We weren’t allowed to look at the pictures, so we had to draw what we thought they looked like. After that we had to make one certain picture of the story Scary Night by only using paper, paint and pastels.

We also had to read an article of our choice. There were three types of verbs, a doing verb, saying verb and a being/having verb. My article was called The Mighty Jaguar. The task was to find twenty verbs, make two complex sentences, find main ideas of the article and then put them onto a poster.

My class worked on particular parts of decimals such as rounding off decimals, reading decimals from hundreds to thousandths and ordering decimals. We had to do one work-sheet of decimals to prove that we know how to do those particular parts of decimals. I think rounding off decimals isn’t so easy . I learnt how to order decimals and how to round off decimals.


Week 5: Learning reflection

This week we had our second Hawks in Schools visit. We had Micheal the nutritionist, two Hawthorn player. Their names were Jed Anderson and Grant Birchall. Then we had fun football exercises such as goal kicking, chest marks and over-head marks, ways to evade people and hand-balling competition. There were others which helped run the activities. I learnt that we should have a healthy diet and drink lots of water.

Week 4: Learning reflection

This week I learnt how to put a decimal in a place value chart, how to write it in a fraction and how to tell if the decimal is smaller or bigger.

A leader of the Hawks in Schools Program came into my school. His name was Micheal Kelly, he showed us a video with the football players Jack Gunston and Angus Litherland. I learnt the five food groups (protein, grains, fruit, dairy and vegetables) ,what we should eat, how long we should exercise and how many hours we should sleep.

I also learnt that we should exercise for 1 hour, we should drink five glasses of water a day, eat 2 serves of fruits and eat five serves vegetables.