Week 3: Italian Day

This week it was the best because it was Italian Day, the best celebration in school, where we celebrate Italian Day. The theme to dress up was the Roman Empire, I dressed up as a regular person or plebeian in Italian. We did lots of activities like making puppets, playing bocce, sewing pouches and making mosaics. On the day we ate gelati or soft serve with sprinkles or sherbet and pizza. Two men came to our school, to perform a play. Their names were Mario and James, they were very funny and they asked for volunteers. I learnt how to make mosaics and that the Roman Empire was the most strongest empire.


Week 2: AFL Gala Day

Yesterday two men came to our school for AFL Gala day, their names were Shaun and Adam. They both started playing in local clubs, Shaun played for  Montrose and Adam played for Lilydale and Morulbark and played in the TAC cup. We did football activities such as bouncing the ball, kicking the football and learning how to handball, they told us techniques on bouncing, kicking and passing the ball. I learnt that when bouncing a ball you have to bounce it on an angle.


Week 1: What I Learnt

This week I learned lots. I learnt the formula for fraction of a collection. e.g: 3/4 of 24= (24÷4) x 3=18. Divide the total (24) by the denominator (4) then times it by the numerator, you have to do step by step, first i wasn’t very good at it. I also learnt that criminals can hack into your computer and steal your pin number, cancel your deliveries, make fake items online and scam you , then I discussed my concerns and benefits of the internet. Then we learnt to draw a 3D hand into an illusion by just drawing lines. If you do the exact steps you’ll see the illusion.

This is how you draw it.