My Passion

Hello everyone, this is my passion! My passion is games, when I’m at home I play on my computer and my DS. I like to play all sorts of genres like adventure, tower defence and many others. Mostly, I like to play with my friends, I always invite my friends to come over and play games! That’s my passion, can you recommend any games for me to play?

3 thoughts on “My Passion

  1. Dear Marcus
    I am glad that you responded to Oliver that this game is not appropriate. I will speak with Oliver as it was NOT a good suggestion.

  2. Marcus,
    I wonder if you have looked at any of the Coding activities available? There is a site called Scratch – where you can make your own games. This can be so much fun and really makes you think too.

    If you need help getting started there are wonderful videos to help
    Scratch –
    Scratch Help –

    If you have a go, I would love you to write a blog post about it.


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